Photographer / Filmmaker / Certified Drone Pilot

A Member of Japan Professional Photographer Society /JPS

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オーロラ写真家 谷角靖 星空
  • 谷角靖 ロゴマーク
  • 谷角靖 プロフィール

Yasushi Tanikado 谷角靖

In the year 2000, Tanikado moved to Yukon Canada and vast wilderness has been the source of inspiration for him since then. He showed his first photo show of Northern lights at the Nikon gallery in 2003 supported by Nikon. After that, His works have been published in picture books and a number of Japanese magazines. He became a full time professional photographer in 2007. Nowadays, He makes images and footages for not only books, but also Tv program using Drone as well.